Today, the profile of those who are looking for a fitness experience has changed. Those who practice physical activity have developed a sense of self-esteem and attention to improve their quality of life, this is Health Fitness 2.0.

Health Fitness is defined as the set of motor skills and health-related metabolic characteristics. It includes cardiorespiratory capacity, strength, muscle strength, body composition, posture, flexibility, balance, agility, reaction time, power and stress management.

Physical health must be evaluated through a methodology as objective as possible to determine the starting health status and the respective motor qualities.

According to international guidelines, five categories are closely linked to one another and, with their evaluation, it is possible to determine the relationship with the level of health and identify the elements that need attention:

  • Cardiorespiratory efficiency; that is, the ability of the heart, lungs and circulatory system to transport oxygen and nutrients to the muscles that must work muscle contraction. It is measured through maximum oxygen consumption, VO2max.
  •  Muscle-skeletal fitness; ie the ability of the muscular and skeletal systems to perform a job, requiring strength, muscular duration and bone structural resistance.
  •  Body weight and composition; the mix between the body mass of an individual and the weight in quantitative terms of muscle, bone and fat tissue.
  •  Joint Flexibility; that is, the ability to move the joints into complete movements.
  • Equilibrium; that is, the ability to maintain the center of gravity of the body in a static position, in voluntary movements or in reactions to external events.

The Health Fitness 2.0 assessment is very important to define the fitness of the client, in order to plan a training tailored on his/her needs. Thanks to the use of TecnoBody devices, the measured data are objective, and therefore always comparable, useful for checking the progress of the training. The tests performed by the TecnoBody circuit are multiple and objectify the proprioception, muscle tension, balance, power, strength control, and the gait and run analysis.

Training with the help of continuous Bio-Feedback increases the effectiveness of training itself, in fact it limits the possibility of customer error, increasing the level of concentration and awareness. Thanks to the flexible TecnoBody Management System, you can create exercises or choose from the library proposed by TecnoBody and then associate and customize them for the customer. The qualitative training provides for a proper didactic progression for exercises ranging from the simplest to the complex.

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