Our rehabilitation centers are mainly identified for four categories:

-  Orthopedics: With life expectancy prolonged, there are more and more pathologies related to rachis, upper and lower extremities, such as urticitis, osteo-ligament damage, distraction etc. ... The aims are mainly focused on the recovery of the ROM articulation, force deficit and active motor control

- Neurological: represents the broadest and most complex field of cognitive-motor disease. The main focus is the functional recovery of basic motor skills such as walking, getting up from the chair, drinking, etc. The achievement of motor independence is the primary goal of neurological training.

- Sports: The return to sports for an athlete of any level, is the main objective of motor re-education. Achieving a functional pain-free movement doesn’t indicate complete trauma recovery; but it must be supplemented by the control of the dynamic equilibrium during the motor gesture and the objective recovery of force.

- Postural: In the last decades, more and more incorrect postural attitudes negatively affect lifestyle quality. The goals of a center centered mainly on re-education are the rebalancing of a postural setting by proper balancing of the main muscle chains.

Assessment in the field of rehabilitation is crucial to define an objective starting point for patient status. The assessment of Tecnobody devices is accurate and objective, so always comparable. The tests carried out by the Tecnobody circuit are multiple and objectify muscle tension, proprioception, balance, strength control, and walk and gait analysis.

After evaluating and the first stage of rehabilitation, it is possible to plan a specific training aimed at the needs of the patient. Training with the help of continuous Bio-Feedback increases the required concentration levels by increasing the effectiveness of the training itself. Performing a more conscious training improves the motor sense of the patient, making the recovery phase more effective. Thanks to the flexible TecnoBody Management System, you can create exercises or choose from the library proposed by TecnoBody and then associate and customize them for the customer.

It is possible to create and customize specific functional recovery exercises on Tecnobody devices. The technological and instrumental part will help to modulate and speed up the healing process, also depending on the specific pathology.