Advanced Sport Performance center combines science, evaluation and training. In order to obtain an optimal programming for the athlete it’s important to perform an objective evaluation, based on standardized protocols with numericals data.

The importance of knowing real conditional, coordinating and equilibrium capacities is crucial for working best on the athlete’s weaknesses

In high-level sporting practice, the comparison between the dominant limb and the contralateral is crucial both in terms of strength and expressive power, and from the point of view of joint mobility and coordination skills.

Through special training you can train the ability to react or stimulate a simple and/or complex response, useful in any sporting performance of the situation and not.

Performance can no longer be seen only as pure training, but as a measured and constructed process over time that will allow the athlete to express its maximum potential.

Assessment in Advance Sport Performance is crucial to define objectively the actual state of the athletic performance. Thanks to the use of TecnoBody devices, measured data can be compared with the different team members to have the most specific assessment possible on each person's conditions. The tests carried out by the TecnoBody circuit are multiple and objectify the proprioception, muscle tension, balance, power, strength control, and run analysis.

Training with the help of continuous Bio-Feedback increases the effectiveness of training itself, in fact it limits the possibility of error for the athlete, increasing the level of concentration and awareness. Thanks to the flexible TecnoBody Management System, you can create exercises or choose from the library proposed by TecnoBody and then associate and customize them for the customer.

In case of an injury, it is possible, thanks to the objective data previously collected, to plan the re-education to return to the pre-injury level. The technological and instrumental part will help modulate and speed up the healing process. The highly personalized and modular recovery phase will allow the athlete to return to the best conditions.

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