The spine is the carrying structure of the human body, supporting the weight of the trunk, the head and the upper limbs, thanks to muscles, tendons and ligaments. It is the whole body supporting structure and is the structure of unloading and adaptation to various movements, fatigue and functions. In addition to protecting the spinal cord along which all the important neuromotor information passes, it has the mechanical function of supporting and transferring loads from head to trunk to pelvis, allowing a variety of complex movements. Its function is not limited to support and static phase but, thanks to its particular structure, is used to manage the center of balance and accurate dynamic control. Therefore, this apparatus turns out to be as important as it is complex:

Supports our body, ensuring stability and balance and allowing us to stand upright;
It allows us to walk and move by taking various positions in space, such as flexion, extension, inclination and rotation;
It protects the nervous system and the spinal cord, flowing inside, starting and spreading through nerves to all vital organs;
It works as a continuous mechanical shock absorber during daily actions and sports practice.

For these reasons, it is important to take care of your spine. Regularly check its alignment in both static and dynamic position, correcting in advance postural disorders. The absence of symptoms does not exclude postural problems that may arise in the future. Thanks to continuous technological advancement and constant improvement in research, each TecnoBody product can evaluate, improve and train your spine, leading to a complete improvement in your postural design, whether it is for rehabilitation, prevention or sports purposes. Technology and science blend to help you ... this is TecnoBody.