The variable geometry
The Postural Bench system is equipped with two tilting flat surfaces (head and trunk surface A and lower limbs surface B) which pivot on the dock. The two plans can be tilted independently with 15° steps . It is understandable as "closing" more the system, the back muscle structure to contract further emphasizing the rotations and muscular dissymmetry. The system detects automatically the inclinations of the two planes through the electronic inclinometers. The recorded data can be entered later to set up the system in the same configuration.

Postural Bench MF The variable geometry

The electronic regulation

The new model of Postural Bench MF is equipped with two electronic pistons for adjusting the lower and upper surfaces. The adjustment of the motors is very fine and accurate allowing an extremely gradual closing of the rear chains.
Postural Bench MF The electronic regulation

Postural Bench MF The sensor devices
The sensor devices

The two surfaces of the Postural Bench MF system are made with a special matrix of very sensitive load cells, which is able to detect the voltages of the rear chains with a resolution of 100g.

The adjustments

The Postural Bench system has many adjustments to adapt better to the anatomical structure of the patient in question. Particularly important is the ability to close the rear muscular chain through two adjustable supports which are fixed on the soles of the feet. In this situation it is observed as the patient, deprived of the compensation of feet , often in supination , changes radically its muscular balance triggering functional rotation in other anatomical areas (often the pelvis) .

Postural Bench MF The adjustments

TecnoBody Key

Each client is unique and each client has their own program, so each client has a TecnoBody Key. Upon insertion into any TecnoBody device, the system recognizes the client and automatically programs the guided training. TecnoBody Key contains not only your client’s training programs, but also and above all, their assessment statistics: force, balance, stability, flexibility, etc. TecnoBody Key is a powerful and flexible system for your patient to follow professionally in all its rehabilitation phases.
Postural Bench MF TecnoBody Key


Postural Bench MF

TRUNK-MF is the system of TecnoBody evaluation and dynamic training in a sitting position .
TRUNK-MF is integrated with the TecnoBody Management System and Postural / Functional Circuit .

General specifications
Portable system: D/L: 57 cm x 15 cm x 30 kg
PC with touch-screen display 16 "
Wrapping upper supports
Wireless Trunk sensor
Connected to TecnoBody Management System by TB-KEY

Dimension D/L: 550x570mm x 150 mm
Weight 30 kg (80 kg with sturcture)
Dimension with structure D:1600 mm x L:810 mm x H:1300 mm
Platform type Sitting dynamic
Adjustable seat height 41-60 cm
Levels of stability 20 levels
Maximum load 150 kg
Precision 0,2 kg
Resolution 0,1 kg
Platform angles measurement +/- 15°
Platform angles precision 0.5°
Platform angles resolution 0.2°
Trunk sensor angles measurement +/- 30°
Trunk sensor angles precision 0.5°
Trunk sensor angles resolution 0.1°
Sampling frequency 10/20 hz
PC connection Wireless BluTooth o cavo RS232
Electric Supply 230 VAC, 50 hz, 0,6 A
Absorbed power 200 Watts
Conformity Device 93/42/CEE - CLASS I
EN 60601-1 CLASS Im Type B
Guarantee 12 months

TecnoBody Management System

Assessment module

The assessment module of the Postural Bench system allows you to monitor , in real time , the symmetry of the posterior chain in three fundamental points : scapular - thoracic area , lower back , hamstring area. At the end of the test , 120 " , the report presents a clear picture about the measured voltage levels and the symmetry of the hemi-some between right and left sides, in which shows in the percentage terms and the force that developed from the posterior chain ( Kg ) .

Training module

After a careful evaluation phase , the operator can set up the training module of the Postural Bench system, with an efficient work of postural reprogramming with biofeedback . Basically the aim is to balance the detected postural disimmetrie through targeted exercises of diaphragmatic breathing and muscle relaxation . In recent years, many studies have shown how the postural exercises with chain closed can bring many benefits to the customer - patient even for the medium and long term. The software includes a postural imbalance module and the training module .

Games module

There are several balance games, capable of attracting the attention of the patient during the training sessions.

TecnoBody Management System

The Postural Bench MF system is fully integrated with the TecnoBody Management System and the platform software which manages all devices of the TecnoBody Line..
Main features of the system:
- Personal details database and shared user data
-Creation of customized training programs associated directly to the user profile
-User recognition in the circuit through the exclusive TecnoBody Key
-Functionality of "user's guide" to facilitate the use of self-user systems. The user can independently authenticate the circuit through its TecnoBody Key and run the training on different TecnoBody systems.
-Functionality of planning and reporting of test sessions
-Overall Report of the test sessions and training sessions

TecnoBody Management System
Complete integration with the TecnoBody Management System (connection with all the Postural Functional Circuit systems)
User database
Reload of assessments and user report
Print of individual assessments, evaluation session, training sessions reports

Assessment module
Postural assessment
Training module
Postual disequilibrium