During the XXVI International Conference on Sports Rehabilitation and Traumatology  at Camp Nou in Barcellona (13-15 May), Stefano Marcandelli, Ceo of Tecnobody, will introduce for the first time ever the TecnoBody Advanced Sport Performance Line.

The brand new concept comes from a innovative vision about the integration between the rehab and the sport field.

The world of Sport Performance is indeed more and more keen to manage the athlete's condition in a complete and professional way.

The new TecnoBody Sports Performance Line can be synthesized with 3 key words: Assessment, Training and Rehabilitation. Every single word has an important meaning, but all together represent the new frontiers of the high level Sport world.

During the Conference the innovative Walker View System for running assessment and training will be presented.

In the TecnoBody booth will  also be introduced the new CareTherapy, medical device for Capacitive and Resistive Energy Transfer, an high intensity bio-stimulation system combined with the state of the art of functional training equipment.

We’re waiting for you at Stand 12 in Camp Nou

Download the new Advanced Sport Performance Line Catalogue