It is the flagship system of the Stability line.
The heart of the system is always equipped with three load cells and trunk sensor for a complete and accurate stabilometric assessment. The stability system , is equipped with a very stable support structure integrated with the personal computer and the LCD monitor.
Stability for its functional and structural completeness is particularly suitable for evaluations in the neuromotor field.


The stabilometric platform
The stabilometric System Stability is a force platform of three load cells which are very accurate and sensitive. The surface dimensions (500 mm) allow a patient's location, with feet either parallel or together, very comfortable. The support base is equipped with the positioning template for the official orthostatic evaluation to 30°.

Stability MF The stabilometric platform

Stability MF Trunk sensor
Trunk sensor

Even for stabilometric systems it is basically importante to control the oscillation of the trunk during an evaluation and to "break" the high part of the body from the lower limbs . The trunk of the Stability sensor system is a bi-axial accelerometer very sensitive (tenth grade) particularly useful in evaluating LOS (limits of Stability) where is necessary to control the upper trunk in relation to the gravity center.

PC adjustment

For a correct stabilometric assessment it is necessary that the computer monitor is positioned at a distance of about 1 m from the patient and positioned in front to avoid postural alterations buoyancy. The arm of the Stability structure, internally provided with a gas piston, allows a simple and quick height adjustment of the monitor.
Stability MF PC adjustment

Stability MF Tecnobody Key
Tecnobody Key

Each client is unique and each client has their own program, so each client has a TecnoBody Key. Upon insertion into any TecnoBody device, the system recognizes the client and automatically programs the guided training. TecnoBody Key contains not only your client’s training program, but also and above all, their assessment statistics: force, balance, stability, flexibility, etc. TecnoBody Key is a powerful and flexible system for your patient to follow professionally in all its rehabilitation phases.

The supports
The structure of the Stability system is very robust and heavy in order to give the patient the maximum stability and safety during its evaluation and stabilometric training. The structure, all entirely in polished steel and wood, is completely surrounding the patient, and combines unique design with accurate functionality.

Stability MF The supports


Stability MF

STABILITY MF-is a Stability System for stabilometric evaluation and training in orthostatic position. STABILITY-MF is part of the Postural/Functional Circuit.

General specifications
PC control touch-screen 20" with 1600x900 pixel resolution
Adjustable display height
Static platform with 55 cm diameter
Trunk sensor
Wrapping upper supports
Fully connected to TecnoBody Management System by TB-KEY

Dimension L: 1600 mm H: 1200 mm
Weight 130 kg
Adjustable height 1800 mm - 2000 mm
Platform type Static
Use Monopodalic, bipodalic
Maximum load 150 kg
Precision 0,2 kg
Resolution 0,1 kg
Sampling frequency 20 hz
PC connection RS232
Power supply 230 VAC, 50 hz, 0,6 A
Power consumption 200 Watts
Conformity Device 93/42/CEE - CLASS I
EN 60601-1 CLASS Im Type B
Guarantee 12 months

TecnoBody Management System

Assessment Module

The Stabilometric Assessment Module is the principal programme in the STABILITY software.
In fact, it is thanks to this program that the operator can evaluate the oscillations of the patient’s Centre of Pressure (COP).

Rehabilitation Tracing

The setting of a correct rehabilitation protocol is particularly important after Stabilometric assessment.
The highly powerful and flexible Rehabilitation Tracing Module is designed to help the operator to decide which motor strategies are best suited to the patient for correct Stabilometric training.

Game module

There are six games for balance, capable of attracting the attention of the patient during the training sessions.

TecnoBody Management System

The Stability-MF system is fully integrated with the TecnoBody Management System and the platform software which manages all devices of the TecnoBody Line..
Main features of the system:
- Personal details database and shared user data
-Creation of customized training programs associated directly to the user profile
-User recognition in the circuit through the exclusive TecnoBody Key
-Functionality of "user's guide" to facilitate the use of self-user systems. The user can independently authenticate the circuit through its TecnoBody Key and run the training on different TecnoBody systems.
-Functionality of planning and reporting of test sessions
-Overall Report of the test sessions and training sessions

TecnoBody Management System
Complete integration with the TecnoBody Management System (connection with all the Postural Functional Circuit systems)
User database
Reload of assessments and user report
Print of individual assessments, evaluation session, training sessions reports

Assessmente Module
Stabilometric assessment
Monopodalic stabilometric comparative assessment
Stabilometric assessment open eyes / close eyesi
m-CTSIB test
Assessment BESS
Limits of stability
Training Module
Stabilometric tracing